Sunday, September 11, 2005

Intellectual discussion & article on US banning alcohol

Assalam Alaikum,

I decided to continue this blog because people are actually reading it to my surprise. So, once in a while, I will throw out my thoughts, and most of the time, I will put some [intelligent] articles here. My more active blog is my xanga:

The US cannot ban alcohol without purifying the nation

by Samir Khan

The US tried banning alcohol in its own Country a while ago. It was a million dollar project. The people rebelled, which resulted in violence, and the increase in alcohol consumption. Why did the US fail in their ban of alcohol when Muhammad succeeded in banning alcohol?

1. The Sahabas were spiritually and mentally prepared. When the ban on alcohol commenced, they didn't need to use any money to enforce the law because the people were willing to accept it. Before its commencement, the Sahabas drank alcohol; it wasn't forbidden until later after the hijrah.

2. Aisha (ra) said that if the first verse of the Qur’an were to be on the ban of alcohol, the people would have rejected it. If the first verse of the Qur’an were to be on the ban of zina, the people would have rejected it. Why? Because they were not spiritual molded into obedient slaves of the Creator at the very beginning. The first ayaat were from Surah al-‘Alaq which advised man on the Glory-ness of Allah and to appreciate His status; this opened the eyes of those who accepted. If the first ayaat were on the prohibition of a certain act, there would have been a different response in society.

3. When the ayah on the banning of alcohol arrived, the word spread and the Sahaba threw away their alcohol, spat it out, and even forced themselves to vomit all the alcohol out. The streets of Medina were flowing of alcohol that day.

4. The Sahaba didn’t need a police force to stop the consumption of alcohol, unlike the US. The Sahaba were ready to face any law which might be seen as a hardship in the eyes of those who were not as prepared as the Sahaba.

5. The first thing the Sahaba were taught was not the ban of alcohol or the commands of the Qur’an, but they were taught about the reality of this life as well as paradise and hellfire. This would instill into their hearts the accurate way to view this life; they lived, and preached these truths. So when the ban of alcohol came, it was trouble-free to apply.

6. The outlawing of alcohol came gradually. There were minor bans such as the command to not pray salah while intoxicated. Note that this was not an absolute ban on alcohol. This is one of the realistic methods of achievable morality which led to their implementation of the law to not drink alcohol.

So what does the US have to do in order to ban alcohol?

1. The US has to instill into the minds and hearts of the Americans the purpose of life, paradise, and hellfire. All effective means should be exhausted in order to emphasize the ideology whether it is through media, magazines, books, libraries, movies, public rallies for a moral society, internet, videogames, other laws, and so on.

2. Since we are not at the level to challenge the US on alcohol, the Islamic movements today should work tirelessly in purifying the people of this nation. That is, giving the nation the paramount way of thinking and viewing the life of this world. They should exhaust all the means of propagating this message as well as living this message. This is part of the bottom-up approach to establishing the Kingdom of Allah on earth. There is a good chance that this might lead to the polarization of society where for example: one will be embarrassed to drink alcohol in public.

3. The members of the various Islamic movements have to be Sahaba-like. This is not an option otherwise this propagation will be useless as the society will question the groups claim to understanding salvation and practicing its pre-requisites. Islamic movements cannot be battling the dominant culture whilst simultaneously accepting it; a counter-culture is not a subculture.

4. After the US government recognizes what the Islamic movement’s methods and motives are, the government should support them. The least they can do is provide financial assistance.

5. There were no incentives for the Americans in forbidding themselves from drinking alcohol. When there is no concept of ultimate reward and ultimate punishment, then the people will do as they wish and chaos will be prevalent in the land. This is why a lot of Americans ridicule those Countries that have lesser freedoms. The issue is not about having the most freedom, but the main concern is about controlling society from going out of control. So the American government has to produce an incentive for the public in order to come to reason with the souls of the inhabitants. The underlying motivational factor for the Sahaba was belief in Paradise and Hellfire. They worried that if they sinned, there would then be a chance that the punishment of Allah would be upon them. At the same time, they knew that if they kept up their righteous acts, there would be a chance that they would be rewarded with the eternal prize. They lived a life where they accepted a trade with Allah in that if they sold themselves for His sake wholly and solely, then He would grant them Paradise in return (9:111). This is what made the Sahaba’s known as Sahaba’s.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's either very sad or very humerous to see how Islam tries to justify itself and the attempts to portray Islam as "peaceful".
Judeo-Christian ideals gave people individual freedom from which the majority of industrial and technology innovations sprang.
Islam is about Totalitarianism to get the weak minded to give over any individuality to the control of an Imam (?).
Islam is about making puppets of all humanity to dance at the whims of egotistic meglomaniacal puppetmasters.
I actually feel sorry for those people who feel compelled to lose their humanity to the Herd instinct.

11:54 PM  
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Anonymous Jim Laubach said...

You wouldn't know the Prophet Muhammad if you tripped over him.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guess the word is out.....everyone knows your name now...interesting you spend time in our world but dont really like it here?

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, i guess since you can't hide behind an anonymous blog anymore, you might as well start talking your islamic crap in public now. You might find yourself in paradise soon...have a nice trip and enjoy the virgins.

10:01 AM  
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